When I registered my first domain name (back in 1994), things were pretty simple. The only place to register names was Internic . Only a handful of decent web hosts existed and there were few tools other than basic WHOIS searches.

There are now thousands of domaining tools and resources. I’ve been bookmarking them for the past 25+ years and had a huge list. Only problem was that it was hard to see the big picture and I found valuable sites falling between the cracks.  I took several weeks to review everything then created a massive mindmap to help me organize and use the best domaining tools from each category.

I created DomainingMindmap.com to help make sense of it all. In case you haven’t used a mindmap before, it’s an organized brain dump about a subject.   A good mindmap can be invaluable when learning about a subject or attempting to organize large amounts of information.

How to use this site:

  • Start in the middle of the mindmap and click on the ‘+’ sign to expand each level as you browse the map.
  • Some levels are only one or two deep, others have 10 or more levels.
  • If you see a link symbol you can click on it to visit the URL referenced in that node. Some nodes also have a ‘notes’ symbol. This will let you read handwritten notes that I ‘ve entered in.

Thanks and please let me know if you see a bad link or would like to suggest a topic. And be sure to check in regularly as I’m still adding new domaining links on a weekly basis.